Autor: Dr. Mike Loh


Bodo Mauk

Bodo Mauk visited Singapore some years ago. It was very nice to meet him again in December 2018 in Munich, prior to Christmas. Here’s a picture of all the pipes Mr. Mauk has made for me:


A Reverse Calabash by Jerry Zenn

This is a reverse calabash by Jerry Zenn, pipe maker from Kaoshiung, Taiwan. Click on this. I’m so grateful he made this pipe to give me. Jerry uses a combination of materials to make this unique pipe: aged briar, vintage Taiwanese bamboo and horn, mainly. This is the third reverse...


Under the Tutelage of Jerry Zenn

Jerry Zenn, born in 1964, is a pipe maker based in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Before making pipes full time since 2005, he was an auto mechanic for 25 years specializing in Volvos. Jerry’s pipes are very much coveted; he uses specially-harvested Oriental bamboo and horn for incorporating into his pipes and...