A couple of Indonesian Pipe Tobacco

Tambolaka tobacco from Indonesia is released to the market only after at least five years of advanced aging; that is, after the tobacco leaves are tightly rolled and tightly wrapped with ropes, and left alone to ferment for a minimum of five years. The result is a strong tobacco with hints of leather and spices. Add burley and the nicotine content rises several levels. Recommended after a heavy meal of beef. Makes me think of 1792 by Samuel Gawith.

Temanggung and Shrintil from Indonesia is a combination that can cause a lobotomy. It is said that tobacco from Temanggung is the best in Java where tobacco cultivation supports the livelihood of 65,000 farmers. Shrintil tobacco is actually a freak of nature in a nicotiana tabacum bush when deformed leaves form at the top. Farmers  refer to it as a blessing from the heavens. Shrinitil is rare, strong, highly coveted and highly priced and often used as a condiment for blending. It’s foolhardly to smoke it pure. The tobacco is a sturdy, no-nonsense blend, appreciated by its fans, and separates real men from the kids. It reminds me of how vintners use grapes spoiled by ice to concoct ice wine. It reminds me of Samuel Gawith Brown No. 4 Kendal Twist, except that Brown No. 4 is a more refined smoke.

Bodo Mauk

Bodo Mauk visited Singapore some years ago.

It was very nice to meet him again in December 2018 in Munich, prior to Christmas.

Here’s a picture of all the pipes Mr. Mauk has made for me:

A Reverse Calabash by Jerry Zenn

This is a reverse calabash by Jerry Zenn, pipe maker from Kaoshiung, Taiwan. Click on this.

I’m so grateful he made this pipe to give me.

Jerry uses a combination of materials to make this unique pipe: aged briar, vintage Taiwanese bamboo and horn, mainly.

This is the third reverse calabash he has ever made and I’m extremely pleased with it.

Under the Tutelage of Jerry Zenn

Jerry Zenn, born in 1964, is a pipe maker based in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Before making pipes full time since 2005, he was an auto mechanic for 25 years specializing in Volvos. Jerry’s pipes are very much coveted; he uses specially-harvested Oriental bamboo and horn for incorporating into his pipes and his pipes on sites like smokingpipes.com and scandpipes.com always sell out fast. I spent a few days in Kaohsiung with Jerry recently and made a pipe under his watchful eyes:

On the 2nd  Singapore Pipe Event 2018  it was Jerry Zenn Pipes which focussed the attention of Singapore Pipe Enthusiasts and our esteemed International Attendees as well.

 Signatures of Jerry Zenn

Jerry Zenn Formosan Purebred

Jerry Zenn Smooth Apple Horn

Jerry Zenn Rhodesian Bulldog & Formosan Dog

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